Enjoying experienced scholars in different fields of power technology VSP Co. is always involved in start-up projects and innovative ideas which require medium-scale to large-scale investment by third-parties.
VSP doctrine has always been to develop innovative ideas in field of power technology and would always support innovative ideas and start-ups, for this reason, we would always appreciate sponsors and suggest them to allocate their capital in development of start-up projects and their commercialization.
Membership of VSP scholars in judgment board of different international technology conferences has provided sufficient experience and enabled us to diagnose feasible and reasonable start-up plans.
VSP welcomes international sponsors to financially support commercialization of a number of its unique high-tech products which have been tested through pilot terms. We need sponsors to help us register our company and products mainly in Canada or the United States and to continue production of our products under a USA or Canadian brand.
Based on extent of participation of prospect sponsors in our innovative projects in Canada and the United States, the sponsor would benefit from sale of the products and become a partner of VSP.
For more information about available projects nominated to be registered in Canada and the United States please contact us through email or call our deputy of int’l affairs.


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