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Who works with VSP:

   Power Plants (Public Sector)

   Regional Power Companies (Power Stations)

  Factories/Manufacturing Plants

   Trains and Subway Transportation System

   Industrial Parks 

   High-Tech/Electronic/Software Companies 


Why Power Plants Need VSP Services?

Power plants play the most important role in the urban life of world today and are in charge of generating and distributing electricity to many many end-users among which you can find houses, hospitals, public service centers, transportation systems, offices, etc., hence, a power plant can be inferred as heart of a city which is under heavy duty and any interruption in power generation or distribution service would result in chaos and disorder.
In addition to the foregoing, power plants have always been considered as strategic aims undergoing cyberattacks and require a high security and complicated firewalls to guarantee its ongoing performance.
VSP provides security and safety solutions to power plants and designs and consults and provides high quality and high-tech products which you can find in respective section in this website.
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